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We design, build and manage bespoke solutions to engage, inspire and motivate our clients’ employees and their sales channels.

We know your company is unique. How you connect with each community therefore has to be unique for it to be genuinely effective. When you first meet us, we’ll spend more time listening and asking questions than presenting. We’ll then return with a creative and considered solution that includes the kind of attention to detail that can only work for you.

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Phil Dunk, CEO

08/01/2015 1:18 PM

Saying hello to 2015 inevitably means making New Year’s resolutions – exercise more, drink less, eat less. We’ve probably all made one of those promises since January 1st.

I’ve made just one New Year’s resolution for River and it’s a simple one – to have as many great days at work as possible in 2015 – and to give our clients and participants great days at work too, through the Communication, Recognition, Incentives and BI work we do for them.

Let’s face it, we spend around 70% of our waking lives working so isn’t it a waste if it’s not great? Sure...